Monday, 23 April 2012

Old bra's could prevent violence against women?

You always see charities collecting odd item nowadays, such a batteries, ink cartilages, mobile phones and even bottle caps! They are a fundraiser as in return for mass amounts, charities are given money from another company.

However, today I received an email informing me that by collecting old bra's for charity, they actually get sent out to women in third world countries, I was confused as I thought they would have wanted all types of clothes and not just bra's.

I went on to find that by a women wearing a bra she is less likely to be raped, as wearing a bra represent that she comes from a wealthy background, and also bra's are seen to have prestige.

The excellent charity that is Pretty n Pink, the only Northern Irish breast cancer charity that isn't connected to mainland UK is running this collection project.
Girlguiding Ulster will be doing a collection and for every kilo of bra's they receive they will donate £1 to Pretty n Pink :D

I think this is an excellent idea and my personal goal will be to collect at least 50 bra's from my friends and family! The more bra's collected the more it decreases the chance of a women being raped!!

Bra's can be old, woren, broken (recycled), new and nearly new!
pretty n pink breast cancer charity Girlguiding Ulster

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